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Rodanthe Beach House

People plan, sometimes years in advance, their beach vacations. They have countdown days on social media. They post pictures as soon as they arrive at the beach. Photos of their vacation home, of their view, of family members playing corn hole on the beach and of course photos of everyone playing, surfing, splashing in the ocean. The excitement of knowing you are going to the beach is often hard to contain. Imagine feeling that way EVERY day. You can. All you have to do is buy the beach house.

Kimberly Dunn, Outer Banks Realty Group, Outer Banks Coastal Cottages,

Nags Head Sunrise

Living by the sea increases happiness levels. Proven fact. The color blue has a calming effect. Problems drift away as your subconscious is unburdened. You see people sitting and just staring out at the ocean for a reason. It’s the tranquility you feel mesmerized by the ebb and flow of the current. Stress is reduced. Who doesn’t want to feel less stressful?

Kimberly Dunn Realtor, Outer Banks Coastal Cottages

Nags Head Oceanfront Homes

The water encourages you to be more active therefore making you healthier. When you swim, you immediately feel refreshed. The water has a way of sharpening your senses. Your thoughts are clearer and concise. It’s not a chore to fight against the waves as they wash over you but it IS a great workout!

Kimberly Dunn Realtor, Outer Banks Coastal Cottages

Avalon Pier

There are so many benefits of living by the sea and being near the coast. Your mind gets creative, less anxious.The salty sea air invigorates your respiratory system. You breathe cleaner air. You inhale deeper. Serotonin levels balance giving you more energy and less depression!

Everyone knows the benefits of Vitamin D on your overall health. It increases endorphin’s and enhances bone health.Where is the best place to get Vitamin D? At the beach of course!

Salt water heals, hydrates the skin and improves circulation. Muscles relax due to the richness of magnesium in seawater. Feel more connected and flourish in a coastal environment. Gain a passion for living! Thrive, meditate and get re-energized by the sea! It’s almost indescribable the feeling of awe and contentment one feels by just being near water.

Kimberly Dunn Realtor, Outer Banks Coastal Cottages

Pirates Cove Marina

I am fortunate to be able to live by the sea all year. If you can’t, take as many opportunities to visit the ocean as possible. The best place to go you ask? The Outer Banks of North Carolina is my answer to that question!


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