1. Curb appeal- Do you want to sell your home quickly and command the highest price? Yard maintenance goes a long way when impressing potential buyers. Beautify your yard with a dose of color in the flower beds or in planters on the porch or lining the driveway. Wash the exterior of your home as well as walkways. Wash your windows inside AND out. If the garage door  remains hard to clean, use TSP dissolved in water to scrub from top to bottom. A well manicured lawn, mulch and pruned shrubs add to curb appeal.

The Outer Banks is an outdoor, friendly environment. Adding bean bag toss, horseshoes or a volleyball net mesh very well the perceived notion of spending time outdoors.  Repaint the front door a welcoming color. Aside from the yard, this is your first impression. Make it a good one! Dig out a flowerbed by the mailbox. This shows attention to detail which helps the buyer think the home is well-maintained. Don’t forget the porch! A hammock swing or colorful chairs add character.  Deferred maintenance is a huge red flag! Replace anything that is missing, broken or worn. It is important to make people feel warm and welcome.

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2. Apply a fresh coat of interior paint- How do you want a buyer to feel the first time they walk into your home? Wall color is your home’s backdrop. This is a low cost but effective strategy. Choosing neutral colors lets a buyer see the walls as their blank canvas. Crisp whites will always make a room look clean and refreshed but don’t forget about creams and grays.
3. Update your hardware- This is a quick, simple and inexpensive option. Outdated hardware makes the entire room suffer. Small updates can really pay off at closing. The kitchen is the main selling point and where potential buyers will focus their attention so if you can only update one room, make it the kitchen.
4. Re-caulk your sinks, tubs, counters and floors in the kitchen and bathrooms. This will help seal out moisture. Excessive moisture encourages the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. This is one of the items a homeowner sometimes neglects. It is one of the FIRST things that make Outer Banks vacation renters judge the value of the home.
5. Deep clean your entire home-  Lower the potential for a prospective buyer to have an allergic reaction while touring your home. A simple but very effective way to combat this is monthly filter changes as well as annual duct cleaning. Pay attention to returns and air vents. If they are showing rust or collection of dust due to condensation it gives the appearance of mold and mildew when in fact it is only rust and dust. One less thing to worry about when your home is on the market. A clean environment means a more comfortable atmosphere. A clean home is a direct reflection on how well you have maintained your residence.
6. Stage your home- Staged homes sell faster. The first thing  you should do is de-personalize your home. If your goal is to have an investment property, decorate in a manner that speaks comfort and Outer Banks beach vacation. Avoid themed decor, i.e., mermaid rooms, pirate themed rooms, etc. Think upscale cottage chic.  Put personal items into storage. This enables a buyer to see themselves or THEIR family in that space. Make it a welcoming vacation home where someone can feel like they will enjoy their stay. This means to also de-clutter. Remove nick knacks and clear off counter tops and bookshelves.
Your goal is to attract qualified buyers that are willing to pay maximum price. Good Luck!


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